Sunday, September 29, 2013

Year of the brow filling

Filling in eyebrows has been an on going trend for over 2 years now,  even though it's been done for years already!
 I remember the first time I bought an eyebrow cake powder in 2011 & didn't think too much of it until later that year I realized it changed the way I looked just a bit. 

My eyebrows aren't as thick as I'd want them to be or shaped as well as they should be so that is one reason why I fill mine in, another reason is that I no longer feel comfortable without them being done!

Whether it's done with cake powder, gel, or a pencil, it's all up to you! I've worked with all three & love them all but I am hooked on the powder!

I always start by outlining the highest point and then the rest, I always finish towards the inside (closest to my nose). I use either a liner brush or a eye defining brush.

This is a perfect demonstration on where to start and end the filling, along with where the highest point should be. 
It takes a lot of practice to get your eyebrows to look decent without being obvious that you layered a lot of product. Both eyebrows will never be 100% the same but for me, I make them look exactly the same WHEN filling them in. They are sisters not twins!

When choosing a color to fill them in you always have to consider your hair color. Get a color that is a shade lighter than your hair color.
My hair is black & when I try black on my eyebrows it looks too dramatic, so to calm down the look & allow them to look more natural you want to ease the color in lightly. Towards the inside of the eyebrows (closest to the bridge of my nose) I fill them in lighter than the outside... this makes it look more natural and easier when make both brows look identical!

This picture is also a perfect example for when I said I fill in the inside a bit lighter for a more natural look.
It's also perfect to show how to clean them up after you're done, but you might want to blend the color in a bit more so that isn't so noticeable. The more you blend in the better, but the lightness of the color will give the highlighting effect under your brow which is great for any occasion!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Bonjour Lolita

I was so excited to work with Roselee, the owner/founder & designer for Bonjour Lolita. I quote "A vintage based clothing line influenced by old Hollywood glamour & flapper feel" 

This shoot was so uncalled for... we had something else planned, something a bit more professional but when those plans were cancelled Roselee & I didn't hesitate to still have a mini shoot by ourselves. 
From what seemed to be a walk in the woods turned out to be a perfect place to set a vintage feel environment! 

These crop tops are so chic, they can be dressed up (like the outfit I'm wearing) or dressed down! It's a versatile garment that you can wear all year long no matter the season. As classy as white screams, the cotton material is soft and very easy to maintain. I absolutely love this top. 
For only $15.00 you really can't go wrong, mostly with international shipping! 

This was the launch of her line & it was a great collective piece. I was so excited to work with her, & help with anything she needed! I'm excited for anything else she has in store for Bonjour Lolita. Although I am a bit late on posting this, I couldn't pass the opportunity to tell you how great & amazing this experience was & to be able to help a friend achieve her goals & get the word for Bonjour Lolita out there! 
Can't wait for this next Thursday for a new and upcoming photoshoot! Stay tuned! xoxo

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Glow

I promised myself I would start wearing more colors, so I have! I'm kind of obsessed with these shoes from NewYork & Company & can't seem to take them off, they're the perfect nude flats that I can wear with almost everything.
I was excited for this post because of the great thrift find I made! This dress I found at The Goodwill for only $3.99! It's now one of my favorite dresses, mostly because of the really low price I paid & because it screams Summer! 
I decided to wear a dark gray jacket to sort of compliment the dress & still give it a hint of rocker chic to it.
My boyfriend & I were on our way to an italian restaurant for Dinner in uptown Whittier.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

My 4th of July day celebration was no different from most Americans! Get together with friends & family, BBQ, & enjoy the fireworks in celebration of our independence.
It was a very hot day so I just decided to go with a simple white crop & some high waisted shorts that I studded. To top it off I wore a red lipstick to complete my red, white, & blue outfit.  

I've been giving a deal on studded High waisted shorts. $12.00 each on my Instagram Shop!
I'm also slowly putting up new items on there.
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Instagram: @VintageALaVogue

Lipstick - Ruby Woo by MAC
White crop top - Forever 21
High Waisted shorts - My shop on instagram @VintageALavogue
Peep toed mini wedges - New York & Company

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Bags

Down here in southern California summer seems so far away yet it's actually very close. In fashion world this means a whole different wardrobe. When I think of Spring I think of pastels & nature, Summer seems all about bright colors & basic graphic tee's along with other trends that will come along. Today's post will be all about finding the perfect purse for my taste & will give you some tips on how to decide whether a purse you just saw is the one.
I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect summer bag. Yea my boyfriend just bought me a very pretty white one like a week ago (sort of Chanel inspired) but it's a small passenger clutch which doesn't seem to fit much, so I need a bigger one. 
I might not get a bright colored purse just yet because I wear a lot of dark colors & mostly black but I have eyed some pink, yellow, & green ones!

If you're having a dilemma & don't know what color to get a purse, I can give you some easy tips to getting the perfect purse. 
1.Don't be an impulsive buyer - I'm guilty of buying things in the first store I see & going to other stores & regretting the purchase because I either got a better deal or fell deeply in love with the one in the new store! Don't be that person! 
2.If you think you love it, have the employee hold the item you want - Most stores hold things for about an hour, if they're nice they'll hold it for the whole day. Keep looking if you're in an outlet or at a mall. Until you have gone through every store & either found a better one or saw all the varieties the mall had to offer. 
3.Did you get over the one you had on hold? - This is how I test myself on whether I truly loved the purse, will I wear it everyday?, does the color go with my wardrobe & will I be able to combine it with my expanding wardrobe? If I couldn't stop thinking about the purse or item I put on hold I definitely will go back & purchase it. If I got over it & doubted myself for a second about the price, size, and quality I will end up passing. 
      The last tip will work for most occasions because as an impulsive buyer I end up buying things because I had the money & really wanted to spend it on something I thought I liked & needed for the moment & will never use the item again.
If you decided on one style but there's a variety of colors - For me it's easy, I'll do black for my first option or go with brown, cream, or white. I always used to tell myself "I'll get a color I don't already have".. but that wouldn't always work because a lot of times it's hard matching & combining random colors with a whole black outfit. Pick a color that will compliment your wardrobe and daily outfits. If you're feeling a little wild & pick a really bright or loud color just match it up with different accessories when you wear it. Pink purse? Pink lips, pink belt, pink hair bow, pink earrings, pink shoes, pink bracelets; I've given you a variety of things you can choose from. (Not recommending you to use all those listed at once, please don't xx) It's easy for me now that I am experimenting with bright colors as well as makeup so I can combine accessories or makeup with a bright statement piece.

When I truly love a purse I wear it for seasons & years because it's a staple of mine & I pick something that never gets old to me & is still trendy.

These are some cute ones I have in mind, either black or cream. Love both colors so the decision is going to be tough, but I am kind of leaning on the cream side to change it up a bit because most of my purses are black! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

What's your undertone?

Have you ever wondered what your undertone is? I actually never really cared (Although I knew certain lipstick shades would not compliment my skin tone because of my undertone) but until last month when I bought my first concealer jar. The studio finish concealer with SPF 35 (NW30) I found myself googling NW30 and found that there was also an NC30 & kept doing research on what the difference was.

Specifically at MAC-
W in NW:
The W means warm. So this concealer is for warm undertones which are pink toned.

C in NC:
The C means cool. For cool undertones are mainly yellow based tones.

Other than MAC, this image should help you figure out what undertone you have. Any make up artist can help you figure it out, even a friend who knows a lot about makeup. 

For cool undertones, you'll tend to have more of a pink/red or blue complexions. Other ways to figure out if you have a cool undertone is to look at your veins form the underside of your arm and they will appear blue, hence why you would show a blue complexion. An interesting way to figure out if you have a cool undertone is by placing a gold and silver piece of jewelry on your skin, which one looks best? Usually the silver one would look great and the gold one too harsh, it may vary, you may look great with both but if you have cool undertones; silver jewelry will look great and the best!

For warm undertones, you'll tend to have green/olive and yellow/golden and even peachy complexions. In this case your veins from the underside of your arm will look greenish tone & it may be hard to even see them! I have warm undertones, which you can already tell because I use NW30 in MAC's studio finish concealer. Gold jewelry looks the best on me! Silver jewelry looks so harsh on my skin & I just can't wear it anymore knowing it just doesn't compliment my own complexion. 

If you find yourself in the middle you might just be neutral! Look more into it, there's a lot more websites that can explain thoroughly and more about neutral undertones. I specifically chose to only write about warm and cool undertones. 

I hope you found this useful! This is really helpful mostly when looking for certain lipstick shades and like I already mentioned.. jewelry!  

P.S. As I go half way into my concealer I will do a review, so far I love it but will have so much to say until then! So stay tuned! I'll keep everyone updated on twitter so follow us @VintageALaVogue


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Paint it black

Don't you ever feel like painting everything black? Sometimes I see a dress I like but don't like the color and just wish it was black. Other days I am just in the mood to wear all black, or just have black incorporated in every outfit I wear. Black is the new black, black has always been the new black. 

The one collection I have that has the most black has got to be my shoe collection (Other than the black packaging of my MAC cosmetic products, lol!) most of my boots, flats, and heels are black, and I'm completely fine with that.

Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner & although I do wear some color I want to wear more brights. Along with makeup, I want to experiment with bright clothes and expand my wardrobe.

So far I have been expanding my jewelry and makeup collection following the latest trends and keeping my style up to date. My wardrobe needs a little updo!


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Next foundation on my wishlist

The foundation I have been using which is Clinique's Acne Solutions has done wonders to my skin. I am running out, although I said I would actually re-purchase this product again I actually have a list of foundations I want to buy. The next on my wishlist is Chanel mat lumiere!
I did enough research on it & people seemed to like it. Even though there was still consumers which weren't so fond of this foundation, everyone skin is different! It works well for oily skin which I'm happy about. One of the make up consultants from Chanel came into my boutique & I started telling her that I'll be going there next to purchase my next foundation after I'm done with the one I am using now. She told me to come to her and recommended this one for my oily skin.

I get so bummed out when I run out of the products I use everyday, but that's what happens & everything comes to an end! I'm also almost out of the Mac prep + prime natural radiance base visage, but this base I will definitely re-purchase!

I will post a review on the Chanel foundation maybe a few weeks after wearing it. Stay tuned! xoxo

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hello Spring! + Update on my plans/life

I realized I am going to miss Winter season like crazy. I love wearing sweaters, cardigans, and long sleeves. Not to mention beanies and boots! The fact that it's going to be hotter is NOT going to stop me from wearing what I want to wear, I'm weird & get cold randomly anyways!

I guess I should be excited for the new trends and keep expressing my style.

Try new things and dress to impress.

There is so much I want to do this year, like start school, read more often, continue eating healthy and staying in shape.

I don't think being lazy and cute is going to get me anywhere! :P
I love the image below, its so chic, bohemian, and still sexy!
I have yet to try an outfit like this, I was into maxi dresses last year but never actually expressed the style much.

The picture below is exactly what I imagine now that I think of spring and my sense of style. Light pastel colors, and maybe some tropical prints?! 
Cute sandals, starbucks, candles, jewelry, succulents, aloe vera, fragrances, sunnies, and being adventurous is what I'm all about, and if you know me in person you know I obsess over these things!

Being creative and using my imagination is what I am known best for. I won't stop, its a hobby and I want to be more creative with a few plans and projects I have planned that I have yet to announce. Stay tuned!

^And I leave you with the quote I used for my speech when I graduated High School. "Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself" -George Bernard. This is perfect and so on point. ^

"The world is a beautiful mirror that is always reflecting yourself back to you. What you see happening in your outer worlds is a representation of what is going on somewhere in your inner world." If you are angry and show are probably feeling the same way inside. If you want to keep growing everyday being happy and smiling, that is your choice and you are responsible for your own actions, if you want to succeed, do what you think is best for you and everything you need to do to achieve your goals. These are some thoughts I always have in the back of my head. I have to go to sleep with a smile on my face because as the day is ending, I woke up this morning, I'm healthy, I have everything I need, & people that care about me. 

"The world is your mirror and your mind is a magnet. What you perceive in this world is largely a reflection of your own attitudes and beliefs" -Michael LeBeuf

Night xx

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

MACs Prep + Prime Natural Radiance base visage Review

Not to be confused with the first Prep + Prime skin base visage that is $30.00
Their latest Prep + Prime natural radiance base visage cost me around $45.00 

So I bought this MAC product without hesitation, I was in there looking for the skin base visage but when the make up artist told me about the latest one & actually showed me the testers for it & the different textures from both products, I definitely gave in with their latest one. I absolutely loved the texture of it, much more smooth than the older one with illuminating pearl powders reflect optic brightening. 

I don't regret buying it, although this is my first base that I bought I feel like it works so well for me, this base hydrates & primes to improve foundation application. It really does control my oily skin & helps my make up stay on all day. I love the fact that it has Vitamin E & C including antioxidants which is really important for our skin.

I'm almost done with this bottle, I've had it for about 5 months, & I have actually seen some improvement in my skin. I would definitely buy this product again.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY time! Pyramid Stud edition

A lot of girls were asking about these spiked headbands at my job so I decided to make some. 
I love them & the trend itself.
Planing on making a few different ones that will vary in sizes.