Sunday, September 29, 2013

Year of the brow filling

Filling in eyebrows has been an on going trend for over 2 years now,  even though it's been done for years already!
 I remember the first time I bought an eyebrow cake powder in 2011 & didn't think too much of it until later that year I realized it changed the way I looked just a bit. 

My eyebrows aren't as thick as I'd want them to be or shaped as well as they should be so that is one reason why I fill mine in, another reason is that I no longer feel comfortable without them being done!

Whether it's done with cake powder, gel, or a pencil, it's all up to you! I've worked with all three & love them all but I am hooked on the powder!

I always start by outlining the highest point and then the rest, I always finish towards the inside (closest to my nose). I use either a liner brush or a eye defining brush.

This is a perfect demonstration on where to start and end the filling, along with where the highest point should be. 
It takes a lot of practice to get your eyebrows to look decent without being obvious that you layered a lot of product. Both eyebrows will never be 100% the same but for me, I make them look exactly the same WHEN filling them in. They are sisters not twins!

When choosing a color to fill them in you always have to consider your hair color. Get a color that is a shade lighter than your hair color.
My hair is black & when I try black on my eyebrows it looks too dramatic, so to calm down the look & allow them to look more natural you want to ease the color in lightly. Towards the inside of the eyebrows (closest to the bridge of my nose) I fill them in lighter than the outside... this makes it look more natural and easier when make both brows look identical!

This picture is also a perfect example for when I said I fill in the inside a bit lighter for a more natural look.
It's also perfect to show how to clean them up after you're done, but you might want to blend the color in a bit more so that isn't so noticeable. The more you blend in the better, but the lightness of the color will give the highlighting effect under your brow which is great for any occasion!

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