Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Bags

Down here in southern California summer seems so far away yet it's actually very close. In fashion world this means a whole different wardrobe. When I think of Spring I think of pastels & nature, Summer seems all about bright colors & basic graphic tee's along with other trends that will come along. Today's post will be all about finding the perfect purse for my taste & will give you some tips on how to decide whether a purse you just saw is the one.
I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect summer bag. Yea my boyfriend just bought me a very pretty white one like a week ago (sort of Chanel inspired) but it's a small passenger clutch which doesn't seem to fit much, so I need a bigger one. 
I might not get a bright colored purse just yet because I wear a lot of dark colors & mostly black but I have eyed some pink, yellow, & green ones!

If you're having a dilemma & don't know what color to get a purse, I can give you some easy tips to getting the perfect purse. 
1.Don't be an impulsive buyer - I'm guilty of buying things in the first store I see & going to other stores & regretting the purchase because I either got a better deal or fell deeply in love with the one in the new store! Don't be that person! 
2.If you think you love it, have the employee hold the item you want - Most stores hold things for about an hour, if they're nice they'll hold it for the whole day. Keep looking if you're in an outlet or at a mall. Until you have gone through every store & either found a better one or saw all the varieties the mall had to offer. 
3.Did you get over the one you had on hold? - This is how I test myself on whether I truly loved the purse, will I wear it everyday?, does the color go with my wardrobe & will I be able to combine it with my expanding wardrobe? If I couldn't stop thinking about the purse or item I put on hold I definitely will go back & purchase it. If I got over it & doubted myself for a second about the price, size, and quality I will end up passing. 
      The last tip will work for most occasions because as an impulsive buyer I end up buying things because I had the money & really wanted to spend it on something I thought I liked & needed for the moment & will never use the item again.
If you decided on one style but there's a variety of colors - For me it's easy, I'll do black for my first option or go with brown, cream, or white. I always used to tell myself "I'll get a color I don't already have".. but that wouldn't always work because a lot of times it's hard matching & combining random colors with a whole black outfit. Pick a color that will compliment your wardrobe and daily outfits. If you're feeling a little wild & pick a really bright or loud color just match it up with different accessories when you wear it. Pink purse? Pink lips, pink belt, pink hair bow, pink earrings, pink shoes, pink bracelets; I've given you a variety of things you can choose from. (Not recommending you to use all those listed at once, please don't xx) It's easy for me now that I am experimenting with bright colors as well as makeup so I can combine accessories or makeup with a bright statement piece.

When I truly love a purse I wear it for seasons & years because it's a staple of mine & I pick something that never gets old to me & is still trendy.

These are some cute ones I have in mind, either black or cream. Love both colors so the decision is going to be tough, but I am kind of leaning on the cream side to change it up a bit because most of my purses are black! 

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