Sunday, April 7, 2013

Next foundation on my wishlist

The foundation I have been using which is Clinique's Acne Solutions has done wonders to my skin. I am running out, although I said I would actually re-purchase this product again I actually have a list of foundations I want to buy. The next on my wishlist is Chanel mat lumiere!
I did enough research on it & people seemed to like it. Even though there was still consumers which weren't so fond of this foundation, everyone skin is different! It works well for oily skin which I'm happy about. One of the make up consultants from Chanel came into my boutique & I started telling her that I'll be going there next to purchase my next foundation after I'm done with the one I am using now. She told me to come to her and recommended this one for my oily skin.

I get so bummed out when I run out of the products I use everyday, but that's what happens & everything comes to an end! I'm also almost out of the Mac prep + prime natural radiance base visage, but this base I will definitely re-purchase!

I will post a review on the Chanel foundation maybe a few weeks after wearing it. Stay tuned! xoxo

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