Thursday, April 26, 2012

Favorite outfits from Coachella

If you read the previous post before this one you might have noticed I mentioned that some outfits look great when you tuck in the blouse in the high rise jeans/shorts & it all depends on the look you're trying to go for. I also said that it varies on what you're wearing. I think these two pictures are great examples of cute outfits where you don't have to tuck anything in & still look stylish! I've recently been seeing a lot of these looks lately & girls can just rock these outfits so well! 

The black & orange are a great combination, & it's not the type of look that you see & say 'It's Halloween theme", well at least not for me!

These outfits speak for themselves, they're nice, simple, & very chic.  
You can change it up; whether it's a dress like the orange one or maxi dress/skirt. 
Really cute look that is trending. & I hope to see more of these amazing looks!


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  2. i reallly love the second outfit!! it is just sooo chic and simple yet really stylish!! xxxx