Friday, May 4, 2012

Cotton on & Buffalo Exchange Haul

After I started going to a regular school I realized I needed comfortable shoes to walk around in all day. Since all I had was 2 inch heels (& higher)
I went to Cotton On, which I fall more in love with every time. Most of the times that I do walk in  there I walk out with something, but it has to really catch my attention. 
I have been wanting loafers, black to be exact, but sadly the black ones they had looked exactly like this but the bad thing about them was that they looked like suede, of course not the real kind, but there was a lot of lint on them & I knew they would be high maintenance. 
So I decided to go with the coral & brown ones. 
I fell in love with them.
The deal was get 2 for $15.99
I couldn't say no!

That same day, I stopped by Buffalo Exchange to look around. I had spent forever looking for a pin stripe sweater everywhere. Luckily, I found this amazing pin striped blazer. For only $10.99!
Another garment I found at Buffalo Exchange was this blouse, J. Crew brand. I was kind of iffy about it but it goes great with some shorts I have. It gives it a formal look since I tuck in the blouse. (Outfit will be blogged about soon)
The last thing I got from Buffalo Exchange was this long sweater. I tend to buy winter clothes during summer and vice versa. Either way, I was looking for something exactly like this for a while now.
I really like that look with a crop top, high waisted shorts, combat boots, & a long sweater!

I know Buffalo Exchange can be far, depending on where you live, but I recommend you to go & take a look to try & find some amazing vintage things. I go at least once a month, I don't find something every time I go, but I'm glad the things I do find are awesome!
You can also take the clothes you don't wear anymore & they will buy them if it's in style & depending if they like the clothes (It never hurts to try!)
Most of the regular clothes is $15.00 or less which is great!
I think I shop here more than any other store I visit. I love Buffalo Exchange

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