Monday, November 7, 2011

New Micabella Mineral Makeup

On my previous post you might have noticed how I purchased a new cleansing oil for my delicate skin.
I know one of the reasons why I brake out often is because of the make up that I use, and how I clean I maintain my face. (It can also be because of what I eat)
I told myself to eat right throughout November, drink Multivitamins, take an extra Vitamin E daily, use the NYX cleansing oil, moisturize/hydrate my face well, and use this 100% mineral make up.

The cool thing is that I got 50% off for being a mall employee, that was awesome! I saved a lot of money, although it was still pricey!
I got the foundation and blush for a total of $70.79 (tax included)
These two brushes were given to me for free with the purchase.
Foundation: $64.95

( I SAVED OVER $50.00)

I had gone to the website before hand to read the reviews and compare prices and I couldn't resist the deal!
I got two for the price of one!
& since I became friends with the make up consultant that was helping me out, she promised to let me pay the difference for the whole make up kit, in which I am also getting a good deal and saving over $80.00!!
(I will post a review on the make up and progress after one month)


  1. Hello... I went to the mall to using Micabella. The lady that sold me Micabella said the reason I was breaking out more by using bare minerals is because that brand has an expiration date and once it expires I was more suseptable to breaking out


  2. Hey thanks for the comment!
    Yea there's so many reasons why everyone breaks out, I love when the sales person is really helpful and gives awesome tips.