Thursday, November 3, 2011

New NYX make up remover/cleansing oil

So since most of the cosmetics I have are from NYX, and that is the best brand of make up we sell where I work, I decided to try this Make up Remover & Cleansing Oil in one with Green tea extracts. 

I have a problem with my skin where it is very sensitive and delicate, I have to take really good care of it or else I break out and get blemishes that last for what seems like a lifetime! 

I always have a few blemishes/pimples here and there, and when they disappear, new ones appear! It's an endless cycle! 
So i decided to try this cleansing oil, it contains Green tea extract oils &Vitamin A and E; which are said to be good for your skin. 
I'm going to see if this will have effects and how well it works.
Regular price $9.99
but i got it for only $4.99 because of my 50% employee discount!

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