Monday, November 7, 2011

Wet Seal boots

I haven't had tall boots like these, ever! 
The problem is that I am so skinny & it is so hard for me to find well fitted boots that don't fit lose & look funny.
I found these at Wet Seal, regular price was $43.00 but the great thing was that these were 50% off!

There was two brown pairs and luckily for me they were both size 8(my perfect fit)

1st pair; I saw the left boot could not close at all
2nd par; I noticed the right boot could not close

What I did was simple! switch the boots! I made sure they can actually close and they worked perfectly! When it was time to buy them I double checked if I still got a 50% because they got a little stuck.

They do look a little old, but I think the person who made them was kinda going for that 'Vintage look'! They do look different in real life(a lot better)

The cashier only wanted to give me 30% but when the manager approached us she told me that she would give me the 50% but there were no exchanges or refunds.
I cannot complain, I simply love them, they're simple, they're brown(which will match with a lot), paid a good price for them!

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