Saturday, March 31, 2012

Noirohio Vintage Inspired

I took this picture during February, I was getting ready for church and wanted to wear my new Orange heels, I've already blogged about this outfit but I wanted to show you again.
Reason being was because i was on Noirohio Vintage's blog and noticed them wearing a similar outfit like the one I wore.

I absolutely love how she's wearing leather jeans in this outfit.
Any way you wear this outfit whether its pin striped jeans or these two shirts (above and below) black and white will look good with orange pumps.
Of course those aren't the only colors you can match the heels with. 

Recently I've been wearing more black than I ever have before, & not to mention band t's. This outfit below is very inspirational because I have the shoes and similar jeans and love to wear my band t's so i can totally put this outfit together with a variety of different colored garments, & kick in the spring with a new style.

I just wanted to share another outfit for you guys which I adored when I was glancing through their blog.
I love everything about this outfit.

& here's a song for you to enjoy

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