Thursday, January 19, 2012

Polka dots & Vintage Heels

I've been wanting to start my online shop but I've been really busy, I just had the chance to do a quick photo shoot, I got some nice shots where I just wanted to show some clothing/shoes I wanted to sell. Like this button up blouse, & the shoes. 

These are the Vintage material heels, I love these so much, I feel so bad having to give them up... but selling them to someone who will actually wear them more than I ever have or ever will, & having someone who will appreciate them would make me happier! 
Although I waited until 5:00PM to do the photo shoot I feel like I got some great shots, they would of been better with better light & more time because it started to get really cold! Anyways, Enjoy! I will keep you updated on the shop!

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