Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Inspirational Outfits (1)

I love the idea of wearing a long blouse with tights or nylons. I think it is very casual when wearing flats.
This look is casual but very chic still.

 This second look I have always loved, the things you can do with high rise shorts/jeans inspires me a lot! You can wear many shirts with high rise pants just tucking them in (& if the shirts are low cut, even better) just adding real cute cardigans that pull the outfit together! 
The shoes are always optional but I love ankle boots with this look

 I go crazy for button ups, and dont they just look amazing with harem pants?

 This is a similar look to the one above but with different combinations!

 This look is casual and the colors make me think all vintage!
I can see myself wearing this to school or maybe to go shopping on a gloomy day.

 This has got to be one of my favorite looks ever, i go crazy for high rise shorts and with the knitted cardigan and leather jacket im going crazy and i want to go shopping for a lot of cardigans!

 I recently bought some combat boots & I've had this picture saved for the longest because i knew it would help me and inspire me while planning an outfit around the boots!

Let me know what YOU think & if you like these outfits too!

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