Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An addition to my shoe collection

If you've been reading my posts you might have noticed that I keep a list of things I really want to add to my closet. 
A WishList. 
What I do is look around my closet & write down things I think I should have or add to my closet.
I have been wanting Combat boots for the longest, in black to be exact, I have too many brown shoes already & since I needed black shoes, I just thought since I don't have Combat boots why not get some?
I also have been wanting bone colored oxfords, I actually already have these exact same ones (from Bakers) but they're heels; I wanted these two pairs of shoes so I can work comfortably & not get tired so quickly! I found these in a shoe store in Stonewood Center, they had a sale going on & each pair was 13.99. I don't usually buy cheap shoes because the price says it all about the quality, but it was a deal I couldn't resist so I bought both pairs!

If you know me well, you know I'm a sucker for Aldo shoes, I love everything about that store, they have awesome vintage looking shoes, & all their shoes are perfect for a skinny  5'5 100lbs girl like me.
As you may have seen on my older posts I wanted some thigh high black boots, but they cost two Benjamin Franklin's if you know what I mean, it was easy to buy the tan ones but my new years resolution is to save up for a car so I can't be spending so much on expensive shoes, I might as well just wait until they go on sale!
Knowing I couldn't spend so much on shoes didn't stop be from window shopping or actually buying cheap shoes...I couldn't resist going to and finding some nice black boots, I found Carrio, my new favorites, their leather-ed wedges, not too tall with a platform, the height is perfect because they don't seem so tall and they are really comfortable! They were $120.00 with a 30% off leaving them off to $69.99.
Great purchases, totally satisfied!

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  1. Such a great post, I like it!!! The booties are simply great!

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