Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Obsessing over this color

Lookbook has been a great inspiration on the new clothes I buy, & I love that. I always obsess over a color for a long period of time, this time its Burgundy, well pretty much any color that's red!
I was looking for these pants everywhere, & the one and only place that I love to get my jeans at is at PacSun, I love how they fit my body perfectly. During Christmas season they were constantly having sales on different items and clothing, i got these 40% off the regular price. I thought they were a little too expensive because its a color I wouldn't wear everyday but I don't regret getting them, I have so many shirts and shoes in my closet that I can match them with! 

These pictures have given me ideas of what colors to match them with.


  1. I just ordered a pair of burgundy waxed skinnies from topshop that I can't wait to get. Looks like you found yourself an amazing pair!

  2. Oh nice! Topshop has some very nice clothes!
    & Yes I definitely did!