Thursday, November 3, 2011

New! Charlotte Russe purse

I've been looking for a purse like this everywhere!! 
The original price was $24.99, but Charlotte Russe had a sale on handbags for only $15.00 each! 
I couldn't resist this amazing deal, mostly because their sales always change & you never know when the sales end. I was waiting for my paycheck to buy a $59.99 purse at Aldo but I think I'm going to wear this one off a little bit before i purchase another purse.
I absolutely love this purchase, really worth it!

It's a good size for travel and to take to work, a lot of stuff fits inside it, I wanted this exact color and love the way its designed.

This black purse was an earlier purchase. I got it at DwnTwn-the skate shop for $49.99. I fell in love with everything, the color & the fact that you can hold it three different ways.  Another thing I really love about it, is that it comes with a lock and a key.

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