Friday, January 18, 2013

Monthly favorites - January

These are my favorite beauty products this month. xx

1. Carried Away body lotion by Bath & Body Works ($11.00)
2. Carried Away shower gel by Bath & Body Works
3. Vanilla-shimmering shower & bath cream by H&M ($5.95)
4.Vanilla scented lotion by Forever21 ($3.80 ?)
5. True Blue Spa pumpkin renewing face mask by Bath & Body Works ($12.00)
6.True Blue Spa sugar 60-second manicure hand scrub by Bath & Body Works ($12.00)
7.True Blue spa paraffin super softening hand lotion by Bath & Body Works ($12.00)

monthlyfaves123 photo monthlyfaves123_zps4e50c63d.jpg

The carried away lotion & shower gel smell amazing, a hint of vanilla & white jasmine with a lovely smell of raspberries! 

The vanilla-shimmering shower & bath cream & vanilla body lotion I use together, just like I would bathe with #2 & after drying myself use #1. I love vanilla & I use this set when I feel really relaxed!

The pumpkin face mask I've only used a few times but it really does help sweep away the look of dry, dead skin cells while smoothing & refining my skin's appearance. I leave it on for about 10 minutes, then wash it off, & dab my face softly with a towel. 

Lastly, the 60-second manicure hand scrub #6 and super softening hand lotion#7. I use #6 first; I wet my hands a bit & grab about three-finger amount. It has exfoliating sugar that does the work, all I need to do is to wet my hands & start scrubbing my hands together, it feels good, the smell is very sweet, hence the 'sugar'. It tells you on the instructions to focus on the rough areas & nail beds for best results, following the steps shows how much the product does its job, I love this product! As for #7, the lotion is paraffin; which locks in moisture to keep skin soft, smooth, & super protected & it includes moisturizing Olive, Avocado, & Apricot oils plus the best for skin VitaminE. All the best ingredients to keep your hands feel & look younger!
Out of all of these products I am in love with the manicure hand scrub & hand lotion. Overall these products are my favorite of this month, they work great & I will definitely be re-purchasing a few of these when I run out.

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