Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day at Lucille's

 The day before Valentines day I decided to go to the mall to do some shopping for this week/weekend. I had been wanting these platform heels for such a long time! I was so happy I found them.
I really needed some cute heels for our Valentines date either way.
As you can see I wore burgundy jeans...I had another outfit planned which was going to be a white button up with burgundy laced shorts and these platforms but it was so cold outside plus in Long Beach (right next to the beach) was going to be colder! I had to change the outfit up a bit. I wore a black blouse w/sequins that make it look like a necklace, these burgundy jeans & of course my pumps.
I  don't  usually buy shoes at cheap places but these were unbelievable, & the only reason I bought these was because I don't normally wear heels every day or every weekend so I wouldn't get to wear them a lot, so they will last me a long time & will be worth what I paid.
Review: They are comfortable, I love that there's a platform & straps around the ankle which make me feel more secure.
I usually get heels half a size smaller than what i normally wear because they will feel loose if I get them my actually size. 

My day started with these beautiful roses & some cute treats from my amazing boyfriend as he got home from work.

My boyfriend asked me to pick from all the restaurants on 2nd st in Long Beach, we decided to park due to the traffic and walk around to see all the different restaurants, I ended up picking Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ, & it was very worth it!

 This is what I ordered, it was so delicious. 
It was such a nice day, very romantic.

Platform Pumps: Vision Shoes $35.99
Jeans: Burgundy leggings - PacSun $59.99

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  1. looks just like a perfect day!