Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Must have for the season: Crewneck sweaters

What a coincidence that I wore a crewneck today... while I was browsing through my emails I noticed Lauren Conrad made a new post all about crewnecks being the must have of this season, & I couldn't agree more! I love this outfit she put together, the most! It's totally my style & very chic! I love the colors combined together & every little detail!
You pretty much CAN wear crewnecks with just about anything; skirts, shorts, jeans, trousers, maxi skirts overalls...etc, yeah! I mean pretty much everything! 
Doing my research everyday I noticed these skirts will be huge these upcoming seasons, & I'm honestly a huge fan, I've been doing my spring & summer shopping ever since winter started, & have an amazing collection so far! & of course as time passes by I will do more OOTF posts, so stay tuned!

I went back to Lauren Conrads post & started to like this outfit too, I noticed I have these exact same laced shorts but in burgundy, still a great color to match a lot of clothes I have in my wardrobe! I also have a pair of shoes/wedges that are very similar to these.

I found these two outfits to be really cute! Can't wait to start planning similar outfits!

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