Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vintage purse purchase

 I visited the Goodwill by my house on Monday, I have been wanting to take a trip there on my own so Monday felt like a good day, I thought it wasn't going to stop raining but once it did, I dressed up nice and warm & arrived around 4:00pm.
I go crazy for all things vintage, I spent about an hour just thrift shopping & trying to find nice things, I found this amazing & vintage purse, at first I wasn't that excited but I kept it in the cart & couldn't stop thinking of how many outfits the purse would compliment, & I simply just gave in, I am now in love with it & I know I would of regretted not buying it! 
I also bought a black purse which I will make another post on with a different outfit!
These shoes are brown suede wedges, I have blogged about these before.
& This top is actually new, I bought it on Sunday, it's a knitted long sleeve blouse, I really need to add some long sleeves into my wardrobe!
Enjoy, xoxo

Top:Forever 21 blouse
Necklace & Ring: Forever 21 accessories
Pants: PacSun denim leggings
Purse: Vintage
Shoes: Bakers

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  1. I love those boots! great outfit, you look great.