Friday, November 18, 2011

Outfit of the day #3

As you can see I really love these boots!
I wore them today to work with that cream color knitted long blouse & black denim leggings.

With this gloomy weather we've been having out here I take advantage of being able to wear them! (I can't wait to purchase the black ones!)

I got this blouse at Buffalo Exchange, if you saw my vlog haul you might have noticed it was one of the many things I got from there!

I decided to wear a belt to give my body a nice figure, I felt really weird without it on!

Enjoy! xox


  1. Love your look , this belt is a nice touch in the combo ( my favorites are large belts )and I'm fan of over the knee boots a lot !

  2. hi nancy, you are so friendly! you are beautiful too!! thanks for your comments
    yesss we can follow!!!