Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Designed Outfit #1

So I decided to put different outfits together, not just for my benefit but for anyone else who can learn from this too!
I will soon purchase these black Aldo knee-high boots $180 (although I already have the tan ones)
I wanted to plan some outfits out ahead of time to give me ideas on what to match them with, this is only one of them. I actually have these ripped black pants and have worn them with different shirts and shoes and not to lie they look cute, but this time I was wondering how I can still wear them with black boots and what I was really looking for was the top!
Here you will see how I'm adding an olive green shirt that would make this outfit pop without looking too dark or too black!

You can wear a gray, navy blue, brown, purple blouse to keep this look. This is more my style & I like to wear a lot of button ups & tunics, as time passes you will know my style!

(These pictures are not mine, I found them separately on Google Images and put them together.)

When I purchase the boots I will post my own pictures taken by myself with matching colors and designs showing you different ways to wear them!

The reason I did not add jewelry to this is because I am honestly not a big fan of necklaces, although I am starting to experiment, at the moment I only use rings and earrings, and sometimes bracelets!

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