Monday, October 24, 2011

New! PacSun accessories

I happened to be at PacSun on my lunch break & noticed they had the 2 jeans for $59.99, I took advantage since I don't have black or gray jeans, plus that place is the only place I could get good quality jeans, and perfect fit! When I was paying I saw their clearance section & the cute colors. Who doesn't love clearance sales? & mostly when the accessories are only $2.99!?

I got these unique earrings, at first i thought they were weird because the stone is in a ring, but I couldn't resist,  I don't always wear my hair up, but I really should so these earrings can stand out. I can't wait to wear them. 
 This bracelet is also very unique, I love the colors and the material, it comes with two smaller and thinner bracelets. Very cute and affordable!
 This last one was actually the first one I chose, I'm in love with rings and this turquoise color. I love how big it is and the details on it. Regular price was $9.99, sometimes it's worth waiting for clearance deals!

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